Upgrades, migrations, and services for lease.

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    With my dedicated server room almost complete, I'm going to be kicking off the migration of my VM environment to new hardware over the next couple of weeks. This is a big migration - currently my VM environment (These forums, the http://0-100.burst-team.us:8080/ and http://40-60.burstforum.net:8080/ pools, the online wallets, the under development Burst Store, other services, and VMs I host for others) is going to be moving from a single host running on a TR1950X with 128GB of RAM and local storage, to a much more advanced setup. Two Dual Xeon servers and Two TR servers, combined around 1TB of DDR4 RAM, a shared SAS SAN with around 7TB of RAID 6 SSD storage, 5TB of RAID5 10K SAS drives, and for anyone that knows about my PennyWise configuration - I can add a LOT more storage in a heartbeat.

    Additionally, a bigger badder firewall will be going in, and the VMs will be segmented out to public facing, backend, and hosted zones. I currently host a number of VMs for forum members, those VMs are currently on the same subnet as my servers - that will be changing - all hosted VMs will be moving over to their own subnet isolated from other customers VMs and my VMs.

    So what does this all mean? As I migrate from the existing host to the new hosts there are going to be brief (~ 5 Min) outages for all my resources as they are moved. The migration requires each VM is migrated to the SAN, then shutdown and restarted on the clustered hosts. I'll try and give advance warning of when the shutdowns will be happening, but as they're all going to be very brief, you're probably not going to even notice it happened.

    The other impact is this: I have now a lot more hardware running the clusters than I need for my VMs, so I'm going to make my resources available for anyone that want a VM/VPS server. These are not going to be like AWS, where you have to pick a VM size that best matches your needs - each and every VM can be tailored to your specific requirements for CPU/RAM/Storage. There are no bandwidth caps. The only requirement is that you are a known member here or on Discord - I have some security requirements that mean I need to be able to trust the people I'm leasing the VMs out to.

    If you're interested in leasing a VM, contact me by PM and we can discuss requirements and pricing.

  • @haitch Wow that sounds superb! Amazing setup... How in the world does one fund such a setup? Sounds like an amazing deal for the users here... (not for me... no cash flow at the moment) But it will go on my wish list... Maybe a slot will be open later. 🙂 lol