Stuck on block 530912? [EDIT] No.

  • I've been modifying my pool monitoring page and I've noticed that the Cryptoguru 0-100 pool should have solved block 530912 by now, but we haven't moved onto the next block.

    It's currently on 24 minutes, what's happening guys?

    0_1536139504728_Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 10.22.55.png

  • Oh never mind, burst mining club eventually solved it. Is it the case that occasionally a deadline can be accepted by a pool, but rejected by the Big Mother Burst Brain that's controlling everything?

    I'm assuming there's a Big Mother Burst Brain somewhere, otherwise what would be the point in anything.

  • I do not know what you mean, all the pools were the same.
    A block may take a few seconds or one hour to find

  • The best deadline on the PoCC's 0-100 pool had already been passed though, and the block had not moved on.

    I think the deadline on that pool was something like 15 minutes, but the block was won by a different miner on a different pool, with a deadline of around 25 minutes.

  • The chain is spiting now and then, its completely random from what I can make out.
    Iv seen this a few days back block 528524.
    Iv asked CG but received no response on their internal Discord server.