Burstcoin Business Adoption

  • Hello all,

    I recently read that there is a company that will be using the Burstcoin blockchain for their business on the following reddit thread. The information was vague and incomplete, but indicates that we may be seeing an increase in transactions.


    I am really interested to learn more about this and was wondering if anyone had any insight into what business and how they will be using the blockchain. Either way, this would be a big step for the Burst community!! Exciting times 🙂

  • A little more digging. The company Cratus (http://www.cratustech.com/) that is discussed in the Reddit seems to be an IoT (Internet of Things) supply chain management company. It looks like a B2B service that operates sensors to track food and pharmaceutical industry shipments. Is it possible Burst will be the engine behind the tracking data?

    My company uses IoT to track our fleet behavior. This is part of the expansion of big data and analytics driven decision making. Very interesting stuff. I look forward to more info coming out in the future!

  • Really impressed with the increase in transactions. Seems like there are pretty steady number of transactions in each block. I like it 🙂