Recent Transactions not updating

  • Hello,

    I noticed my "Recent Transactions" stopped updating in the previous version of Qbundle and the Burstcoin Wallet. When I updated to Qbundle 2.5.0 and Burstcoin Wallet 2.2.2 it updated once then stopped. The "Recent Blocks" area updates as normal and I do get Burstcoin from my mining efforts.

    It appears that my "Recent Transactions" also doesn't show up online. For example if I look at my history in a pool it stops back in August. I've search Google for help but haven't found anything similar. I've checked firewall settings etc and everything seems right.

    Could any provide any insight as to what might be going on or what I should check?


  • Dont use Qbundle atm.
    Use an online wallet or setup a core wallet.