How to simultaneously mine Burst and BTCHD

  • This is all I see

  • did you put your api-key from hdpool into the related config ?

    after setting everything up properly - of course "DL Submitting" should show as "normal"

    also pay a "visit" to funds -> Earning summary .. do you see any undistributed earnings ? .. HDPool only pays out once a day at 11:00 (GMT+8h) .. so depending on your home .. could be at an unexpected time

    If I were you - I'd try to minimize influence -factors .. download a fresh copy of from hdpool , extract to an empty directory, set that up .. drives , api-key .. run hdminer .. see if that yields any change ...

    As for the space difference ... 87.3 TB as in 1024 GB .. is 89.4 TiB (= 1000 GB) so both mean the same number ..

  • Assuming that API key is the same as AccountKey then yes the API key from the home page of HDpool is in the proxy server config file. I am pretty sure I would not get a binding status valid or miner online if I did that part wrong. I just validated it as well. Earnings summary is empty as well.

  • how much does it cost to send the bind in the wallet? isnt there a fee?

  • only if you solo mine .. pool mining at least HDPool pays the fee for you ...

  • Where can I get a coin to bind so I can mine solo. This pool is terrible. Been mining for a week and no coins.

  • How are yall doing 🙂 ?
    Happy days here, im happy I got around to Solo mining last year... do not solo mine these days unless you have multiple PB´s.
    That is my advise at this stage.
    Note that this guide is now outdated.
    I may or may not make a updated version at a later time.
    Regards Mover

  • Can some one give me solo mining setup?

  • @mini Are you leaving me?

  • How many TB´s do you run @mini ?