BRS Wallet 2.2.3 on github available

  • Hi,

    i found the new Wallet on github but in the forum (reddit, burstforum, GetBurst) there was no message about the new software or i didn't find it.

    So if someone else has a account on reddit or GetBurst write a short message for the people.

    I checked the network status and at a first look there are almost zero user of the new wallet.

    Did i miss something ? All the miner and user doesn't take a look on the new wallet ?

  • Don't know if it is worth to upgrade right now if what you have is working. Nothing significant about 2.2.3 so don't bother with the upgrade

  • Quote

    rico᠖᠖᠖Today at 1:29 PM
    If you have a 2.2.2 and it works: Never change a running system.
    Should it get stuck on you, then I'd upgrade.
    If you have 2.2.1, I'd upgrade to 2.2.3

  • Time to upgrade to 2.2.3 all. Since I did I got a block