Need some help. Can't seem to find the info. Is my miner running? PLZ HELP!!!

  • So I've been working on setting up my Burst Rig for about a month now... I currently have +/- 4tb plotted with another 10tb worth on the way...
    Here's my problem. (s)
    1st... After plotting my drives (Numerous times) I've learned that unless you don't close XPlotter after plotting each drive it starts the nonce's at 0 for each... (IDK if i'm the only one who's seen this or not)...
    -Question: When using Xplotter it creates the next plot nonce, starting with the last from the 1st plot... Is this OK???

    2nd... After fighting problem after problem, when i start the mining tool from Qbundle 2.5.0, I get the following, with NO Explanation of WTF is going on??? Is this running or not??? WTF do i need to do to make it work??? I DO NOT WANT TO POOL MINE!!!! No one seems to have and info about SOLO mining for me to RTFM!!!! IDK what to do!!! The info I seem to find is either outdated or talks about software that i can't find... Like the AIO Miner... (I think its GONE)
    Why can't someone create a video showing how to setup Qbundle for SOLO start to finish, and SHOW IT WORKING????
    Should i use AVX, AVX2, Or the other ones in the other Miner Folder Qbundle Created???


    Thank you in advance...
    Sys Spec:
    CPU: AMD FX-6300
    Ram: 16GB
    OS: Win10 64bit...

    Here's the Miner SS::: This is ALL I EVER GET!!!

  • The best way for you is Pool Mining,,you just have to littel plotts for Solo Mining,,sorry,,otherwise all looks good for you..Chose a pool that has 0-100 and later on when you have more plotts you can move to a 50-50,,and Your Miner is running , but with small chance to win a block! Good Luck to you in the Future!!

  • Hi @jameswis

    In order to solo mine you should setup the wallet and then add your local ip and set your submissions deadlines on the miner to like 2 hours max, otherwise you will spam your wallet with unnecessary deadlines.
    With a total of 15 tbs I do not recommend you go solo, for that you will need about 200tb
    Until then I recommend you join any pool.
    Always use the AVX2 miners if your CPU is AVX2 capable.

    Also dont use Qbundle its not stable atm, use the core if you go solo and an online wallet if you go pool.
    Im on Discord if you like and this is my pool

    Good luck