Mining from 2 pc on same Pool give Overlapping ??

  • hi, I have 2 PCs and each one has different hard drives, both are mining the same pool and I do not have any errors.

    But my question is that there is an overlapping at some point have the same number of nonce ??

    No miner is giving me an error but in the pool I detect much less TB than the ones I'm really mining, I know it's normal to be a little less but he detects me much less as if it were duplicated.

    Does anyone know about that?

    Thank you



  • yes to answer your question. I use turbo plotter's automatic nonce number feature it determines its nonce automatically to eliminate nonce overlapping

  • admin

    @victorelec14 Yes, you're completely overlapped and only mining with half your available capacity.

  • Haitch said it, (completely overlapped) so you will have to re-plot one of the machine in a continuation of the last plot on the first machine.
    With regards to the Plot size shown on pools, Creep has a feature to handle this.

    Good luck

  • Agreed with the above, you need to replot starting with nonce 1638400 on one of your machines. I use turboplotter as it is quite fast, and can use the gpu on your machine to speed plotting up