Effective Capacity. 0-100 pool

  • Hi,

    i have approx 19tb at the moment. but my effective capacity is always much lower. i just noticed its the lowest its ever been.

    is this purley down to read speed? how can i improve this.
    or do i even need to improve it? is effective capacity only about whether DL's have been found on those plots?



  • The more deadlines you get from the last 120 will determine the accuracy of the effective capacity. Have you optimized the plots in your miner for the d/l submitted?

    If not, multiply the network difficulty by 720 and then divide by the actual capacity and enter the result in the deadline limit area of your miner gui or config file.

    I check mine every couple of days, and am usually +/- between 5% and 15% of actual capacity

  • @bluebook

    just working on this now.

    so i did exactly what you said and i end up with this figure:


    now when i look at my conf file for creep miner i have the following:

    "targetDeadline" : "1y 0m 5d 00:00:00",

    do you think this is the correct line to edit?

    but how on earth do i calculate my figure into years, months, days etc

    also does it make any difference if my total plot size is split over two different computers, using the same account details obviously.

  • I use Blago which uses the actual amount of seconds, rather than a xY xM xD format.

    The line looks right for the one you need to change

    If you take the result of your origianl calculation and divide it by 60, then divide it by 60, then divide it by 24 (so that makes it minutes, hours and then days), you get 106.865 (so we will round it up to 107).

    Work on a 30 day month (just to be on the safe side) and this will give you 0y 3m 17d 00:00:00

    This will generally give you a more accurate representation of the physical plot size you are mining with.

    As for it being split over 2 computers, I am not sure how this works as I run 1 computer with multiple ext drives. You can either give it a try with the same D/L limit on each miner and see if it improves matters, or the alternative would be to create a 2nd BURST address and re-plot the 2nd computer for that address and recalculate the D/L limit for the 2 smaller plots (would balance out in the long run)

    Hopefully @haitch may drop into this thread, as he will be able to clarify the best way forward with the plots spread over 2 computers

    Do post back on here with how you get on with this though, and if it improves things for you

  • admin

    @bluebook For multiple miners but all on the same account, do the max DL computation based on the combined size of each of the individual miners - ie, your total mining capacity.

  • cheers @haitch, wasnt sure personally, so thank you for the clarification.

    So there we have it @zac123, set the same D/L Target on both machines for your entire plot size (combined from both macines) mining on the same account and you should be good to go.

  • @bluebook @haitch

    brilliant thanks guys. i have now done this so i'll just wait to see. the pool says wait for about 360 blocks for it to take effect. so ill hopefully see my TB rise soon.

  • @zac123 Would it not be as simple as:

    9,233,200 seconds == 2564 hours, 46 minutes and 40 seconds

    [http://www.easysurf.cc/utime.htm#stohms](link url)


    2564 / 24 == 106.83 days

    So, call it 107 days, 0 hours, 46 minutes etc.

    Doesn't have to be bang on I don't think.

    Also, CreepMiner will accept "9233200" instead:

    [https://github.com/Creepsky/creepMiner/wiki/Setting-up-the-miner#targetdeadline](link url)