Rack mount drive chassis for sale.

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    After reorganizing and consolidating my PennyWise miner, I have some surplus rack mount chassis for sale. These are all in full working condition - I've been using them for over a year. All prices include all drive caddies and the SAS cables required to connect them to a SAS HBA - they all take either SAS or SATA drives of any size,

    2 x NetApp 24 Bay SAS/SATA 4U chassis. Includes the special SFF-8088 - QSFP+ SAS cable, and all the interposers for running in redunant mode with SATA drives. $350 Shipped

    3 * Dell MD1000 15 Bay SAS/SATA - includes either SFF-8088 or SFF-8644 to CX4 (let me know which you need). Buy more than one and I'll throw in the CX4-CX4 stacking cables. Rack rails included. $250 shipped

    1 * Generic 24 bay SAS/SATA chassis. $250 shipped.

    If you have questions ask me.

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    @haitch Bump. don't like my prices? Make me an offer - my wife really wants them moved .... 😉

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    @haitch Bump for price drop.