Burst Bash!

  • In 2016 shortly after starting tross mining pool I invented Burst Bash. When I collected 30000 burst I would hold a burst bash sending or paying out like a block every 3 hours 10 times (3000 x10). I continued this service for my loyal miners for almost a year. Ok times have changed pool code changed and names so now been doing something different.

    Super Block!

    I let the balance edge up to about 20000 Burst then I flip a switch then the Party begins.
    10% of Balance minus pending will be added to every block win till balance has reached
    my forking buffer. So come out get a piece of the pie! Looks like we are getting close to
    the next Bash!

  • Dont miss out guys! Each won block will get 10% of the total balance added to the block win.
    First won block will be around Block reward + 2000 burst distributed just like any other block win.
    Then each Super Block after that will be a little smaller till funds have run out. One reason I changed Burst Bash to Super Block.

  • @tross Just a couple blocks more then it Super Block time! First won block will be 2000 burst + block reward distributed like every block reward! Dont be late cause every Super Block after the first is just a little bit smaller till the balance has been depleted!

  • SUPER BLOCK is activated!

  • First won block!

    I have been having bashes almost every month since 2016. But not many miners take advantage.

  • Have to shut down pool for couple hours server problems sorry

  • Pool should be up shortly soon!

  • Pool is back up! Thanks Haitch for the assistance!

  • 2nd won block!

    My Grandma said you can lead a horse to water but cant make him drink!


    Its not too late next block winner will also be more than normal reward!

  • Last try to persuade miners to come. 3rd won block! People what I am showing is a single block win! Meaning this was paid out when block was won!


    Block winner got way more than total block reward! But you see Bash reward is getting smaller but its still not too late. This happens every month so if not now then later!

  • 0% fee till 10 Dec 2018!