What does Intensity do? CPU only - Intel i7 - CreepMiner v1.8.3 (Windows).

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    What does Intensity do? CPU only CreepMiner on v1.8.3 (Windows).

    I'm using v1.8.3 in Windows with a modest 4TB over USB. Typical rounds take about 11.5s.

    I can decrease round time slightly by 300ms or so by increasing Buffer Chunks, but it may be an illusion as every round takes slightly more or less time depending on a whole swathe of factors.

    The "Intensity" setting, however, seems to do nothing. The result with an Intensity of 1 is largely the same as an Intensity of 1024.

    I have an 8 core i7 CPU. I'm gathering that Intensity is not linked to CPU Threads as a value greater than 8 would cause an error I#d assume, but I might be wrong.

    I just want to know what "Intensity" is supposed to do? Is it a GPU / OpenCL thing? I just don't know and my testing hasn't revealed anything of value which has resulted in my posting here.

    Thanks for any guidance.

  • I Think intensity is how many cores engaged reading plots per round.

  • @zapbuzz That's what I thought, but on CPU only build, it doesn't make any perceptible difference to me. I haven't tested with GPU OpenCL build, with either GPU disabled or not. Maybe this something I'll just have to try, but I'd hoped someone would have an answer so I can mine and not waste hours testing different variations of settings. Can anyone chip in? The documentation isn't very clear about what situations "Intensity" is useful, or how it works beyond changing "the number of plot reading threads".

  • @tedrogers Hi i am using CreepMiner for several months. Intensity is setting the core CreepMiner will be using for mining. So in general Intensity you have to the threads (for example: 8 Ccore + Hyperthreading = 16 Threads = Intensity setting to 16)

    The more threads the faster is the reading.

    The Intensity is setting the threads. Why your core i7 is creating an error with values grater than 8 isn't clear.

    In my case the threadsetting with the Intensity works fine and Creep is running good.

  • @burnme There is no error with 1024 threads on my i7; it makes no difference. I'm currently testing with GPU OpenCL and trying different thread counts, but that makes no difference either. Currently scanning 4.5TB sequentially.

    Thanks for your explanation though, I wont go above 16 threads in any further tests.

    Can you see any difference between 1 Thread and 16 Threads on yours?

  • what i failed to mention was if you invest in 8 to 10tb disks you'll notice much greater speeds. Also, give scavenger miner a go, and have a diddle with your miners cache sometimes smaller cache is better than bigger and you cannot damage your hardware the worst that will ever happen is a software crash. @tedrogers

  • @zapbuzz Scavenger is terrible for me. Loads of Submission Failures. Creep works great!

    Thanks for the info on large plots and intensity!