No News Is Good News

  • Nice. It's about time.

  • i remember that dude from Linus Tech channel (Linus) on youtube i think it was a live vid mentioning files mysteriously deleting after the prior or season update patch. I bet he'd be happier with this new one. Also, I notice hack attempts on secret questions and answers for the local login accounts. I do remember the attempts made on me as it was logged in the root directory as a result of bug and i traced it back to windows kernel they tried to guess my login but the answers were keyboard mashups. Nice try suckers. I'm considering studying to be a journalist. Dark web reports that a government agency leaked is why it got out. (unconfirmed and unknown country/agency)

  • there has been a patch released from intel for every processor from 2011 onwards, older will have to um well, suffer. That means if the OS doesn't patch it then your in trouble. Perhaps look at linux. or even just hope for the best.

  • This article basically says x64 doesn't need patching more specifically ARM X64 (all 64bit capable desktops and laptops have it) its 32bit code in actual fact they are starting to turn people away : o in summary to these articles everything amd and intel from at least last 11 years is affected 32bit mode operation should be avoided as much as possible (virtual machines would be interesting to see) although patches were recalled new ones are almost perfected. 64bit is the way to go and in windows be sure to turn on Data Execution Prevention for all apps except those manually selected. (some apps don't behave apparently but i haven't suffered as of yet its been sincde 2002 i first started using it) there should be anti malware solutions to help stop the crap also so we don't have to bin our state of the art gold editions yet. Just a bit sad really. Now I know why developers were asking about my cpu when miner malfunctioned ages ago that it was code named a spectre. Just that 64bit is 3/4 immune to spectre and 100% immune to meltdown with latest windows patches if yourr 64bit windows.

  • Using computers vulnerable to spectre are safe if scripting is disabled through web browsers though latest software patches do address 3/4 of the vulnerabilitys theres still a 1/4 chance and mostly on intel cpu's. Disabling scripting affects access to social media sites, many new age forum and messaging systems. Mobile phone portals however have more options as they do not have resources to enrich site experiences with complicated scripts designeed for desktops and laptop based operating systems. To simplify all this if you use 32bit intel chips online you should disable scriting and probably not run java. If you have 64bit or ARM processing yo should be ok. But still vulnerable. 64bit systems are the safest and most pc's built after 2005 have it built in so I'd recommend 64bit os's

  • from a variety of sources all future spectre/meltdown protected chipsets and cpu's will be 30% less efficient in operation. I have found a caveat for myself. Apples g3 and g4 cpu's do not run like the amd and intel cpu's do same as Sun Ultrasparc processors. Perhaps they should re introduce their processors instead of everyone sleeping with the same cpu pipeline.