Plot numbers on different machines / rigs?

  • Hi,

    Maybe this is a quick yes or no, and maybe that's all I'm inviting as a response, (although more detail is always welcome!), so'll get to it...

    If I had two or more machines, running different instances of mining software, could each machine use the same range of plot values?


    Machine A: 4TB - nonces 0 to 15258789

    Machine B: 4TB - nonces 0 to 15258789

    Each machine would have freshly plotted drives (not just a duplicate of one another).

    Each machine would use the same pool and account.

    Would this work?


  • admin

    @tedrogers No. For any given account, nonces 0 to 15258789 will be identical on every machine. You either need to use separate accounts, or ensure the plots don't overlap.

    think of them as lottery tickets. In your left hand you have tickets 1 - 10, in your right hand you also have tickets 1 - 10. They're both holding the same tickets.

  • @haitch Okay, thanks. I ask because I've done a test plot on another machine and forgot to change the start nonce, so it's started at zero! This is now basically useless, but we live and learn! It's interesting to know that plots are identical because they are generated using the same account ID.


  • admin

    @tedrogers Yep, basically the nonce values are derived from the account ID & Nonce # - For any given Account ID, Nonce X will always have the same value - without this submitted DLs could not be verified. The nonce values are computed, not random.

  • Good stuff to know. Thank you.