About Burstcoin's impression

  • I had 4 Tb drive and i could not mine anything.Burst was great for the lucky one's that came first,and started mining,they earned tons of money.My prediction is,there will be less and less people mining,and prices will go down.that caused many people quited now .Usually the first signs of the bottom in price happening is when people start to quit.

    I Haven't followed mining in a good while I've had so much other stuff going on.As professioner said 25 bucks a month income and that's barely breaking even with 140tb or however much you had, have to question it's viability at some point.

    Have you looked into Bitcoin Interest and you can make interest on it too.Burstcoin's ideas are like years and decades ahead of their time, I feel they just haven't had someone succeed on TOP of their coin / platform. If that happens and many others follow then Burstcoin could be one of the most amazing ideas ever. So could Burstcoin be the Betamax of our time with the Sony VHS hiding somewhere in the world?Message from goo.gl/jJzHWf

  • i found this bitcoin opportunity several years ago. It has built in gambling and web browser mining features but what really makes it worthy it is advertised as a savings account that accrues interest from a minimum base value of 30000 satoshi .
    Here is the referral link, no coins neccassary to play the games and build up to minimum to earn interest; its a faucet. Freebitcoin

  • Those who do not have the capacity to mine can consider depositing into the burst wallet. Its an opportunity for well off people to invest in burst economy. This value of mining was mentioned many times in bitcoin history until the supply was all bought out. Its only a matter of time. Transaction fees make bitcoin blockchain too over inflated in comparison.