Xbox 360 CPU Key Recovery Asset - Weekly payouts

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    Hi All,

    Ive started a new asset to help make a fund to buy some banna pi's and nvidia gpu's, these will be used to recover / brute force a users Xbox 360 CPU Key.

    Roughly each banna pi zero costs $9, each one can handle 81k hashes per second, so 10 of them would produce 810k hashes and so on.

    The Nvidia GPU's will cost around £80 each, roughly 21 million hashes per second, so 10 of them would be 210 million hashes.

    There are millions of RROD boxes on ebay and other markets places, imagine a place where you can recover your key for a small fee of (£20) a time.

    All users have to do is submit their encrypted keyvault and a serial number, give it some time and we email the user back once we have found the key.

    The asset ID is : 14965590100209695171

    There are 1000000 assets available for purchase, each priced at 1 burst per asset, we will begin payouts in 2019.

    Keep up to date with this listing here and more about payouts when the time comes.

    We plan to do weekly payouts once we are up and launched

    Any questions then email me : [email protected] or text me 07746406248.
    Or join the burst discord here :
    and look for the user named "Jed -" if you want to chat about this asset.

    Thanks and Happy Bidding,


    PS at the currenct rate we have (0) we will be able to recover 1 keyvault per month.

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  • @hect0r


    People are suggesting that I use cloud mining services to achieve this, which is what I also plan to do,
    However this process is complex, I had planned to make a pool where users come and submit their own gpu/cpu power and give them a award but this is not a good thing to do, what I mean is, the user provides their own keyvault (encrypted) so the miners would download that and the serial number to mine it, once the key was found the miner could then steal the keyvault which is a big problem.

    This is why I want the private pool, I have no intentions of stealing keyvaults as I get a reward for mining them, so thats why 🙂

  • And I bought 1 Banna Pi from aliexpress, should arrive in 20 or so days.