Is it possible to resume a partial XPlotter plot with Turboplotter instead?

  • I'm currently plotting with XPlotter and only 1 CPU thread becuase the write speed to my hard-drive is so slow that it is just a waste to run the CPU any faster.

    However, I did the same with Turboplotter and it was much quicker.

    I want to stop XPlotter and finish it with Turboplotter, if this is possible.

    I notice that XPlotter files do not have the .plotting extension.

    Is my goal possible? Realistic? Achievable?


  • admin

    @tedrogers No, both Xplotter and TurboPlotter can resume interrupted plots, but only their own, not each others.

  • @haitch Thanks as ever for a prompt and informed reply. At least I now know not to waste time trying.