Alert: Phishing Attempts!

    We have been made aware of at least one phishing campaign and there are reports of some accounts emptied. We're investigating. The phishing attempt is made through an encrypted message:

    Burst (BURST) GIFT

    You are one of the customers selected as the recipients 100,000 Burstcoin (BURST).

    Immediately get your bonus here:
    Obviously, the URL has nothing to do with any PoCC operation. Please never click on these URLs that pretend to be someone else. As of now, the URL seems to be defunct/disabled. The phishing messages came from this account:

    A miner, mining on the 0-100 pool. The PoCC has disabled this account, confiscated the pending funds (unfortunately only 33 Burst) and logged the IP of the miner!

    For anyone who has received this phishing message, please make absolutely sure you didn't visit that page and have not entered any passphrase in there. if you did, you will need to abandon your account, transfer all funds from it to a new account with a new passphrase.

    If you did recognize it as the plump phishing attempt it is and did not go anywhere near that URL, let alone did not enter there any information of yours, you are safe.