adam guerbuez

  • Am i the only one who feels the need to thank adam guerbuez for his spam attacks on the network? Alright maybe it is or isn't him who's doing it but .As far as i can see when he did it last year it caused disaster the chain was forked beyond recognition, no wallets could sync properly and all the pools were down.
    But since then the devs have obviously been working hard to iron out the flaws amd it shows. In the latest attacks the network has for the most part held it's self together and sure it appears that there are still improvements to be made but clearly that's happening, just last week there was a new wallet update in response to the attack. And the dymaxion has yet to be finished. Personally i think these attacks maybe showing some weaknesses in the coin but they are weaknesses that are being fixed. As a minner it frustrates me when this happens but as an investor and a coin holder i welcome these attacks as it only makes the coin stronger. And i think that the fact that the network is well tested future proofs it.

  • All I can say that as a new-ish miner, this kind of incident is just confusing. I don't know my setup well enough yet to know how to differentiaite between when my miner throws errors at me (my fault), or the pool is sending errors at me (not my fault). Sometimes it's a bit of both (that's a bad situation when I'm chasing issues that don't exist on my end). Anyway, I've learned a lot. Is it over now?

  • im not sure that its over yet I've been keeping my eye on the network and from what I'm looking at there still seems to be the odd fork but the network is recovering within a couple of blocks or so. I'm no expert in the workings of the network but I've found that if you check your pools home page and the best deadline gets stuck at zero and elapsed time keeps counting then your pools wallet is probably stuck but if that's not the case I would start looking into any possible issues with your rig. in that case if your stuck I would ask around on here for help I'm sure someone in the know will help out

  • hey guys , i haven been online for a long time , i have stopped mining since december 2016 i guess , what did happen until now ? , are you guys still mining ?

  • @hanftychoon alot happend since 2016 last year the network got attacked and was almost crippled but everything is more stabelised now but that's up to you to research everyone has their own opinion burst is looking good if i was you i would lrocede with caution.