Caret - New coin created from Burstcoin.

  • Hey guys! I haven't been around here for a while but I wanted to stop by and tell everybody still watching this forum that a few friends and I have created a clone of Burstcoin, with a few major changes. The main of these changes being that instead of an initial block reward of 10,000 Burstcoin that decreases 5% a month, we have enforced an initial block reward that starts at 1,000 Caret and goes down 5% every 3 months. This should hopefully make the mining of Caret become long term. One of the main problems about Burstcoin in my opinion was always the block rewards shrinking way to fast. This should be a much better curve hopefully. Another cool thing about our coin in that because it is based on Burst, you can use your preexisting plots to mine Caret, and even mine Burst and Caret at the same time. We are still in the beginning stages of development but would love some new people to come in and join our community. The coin was launch about 11 days ago so it is definitely in its new stages and the network size is only about 6TB so it is easy to mine! Thanks everyone!

  • Good luck, but as long as I see the ip in the address bar instead of the domain and the links of the wallet and the miner do not fit correctly it makes me a bit difficult to trust.
    I'll give a look later