How to Mine Burstcoin with 1 Wallet & "Multiple PC" harddrives

  • Hello,
    I am new to mining Burstcoin and therefore a little confused. I am trying to mine Burstcoin on multiple PCs (each PC having multiple hard drives) with 1 wallet.

    This is what I have setup and what I am attempting to do:

    • I have created 1 local Burstcoin wallet on my primary PC. This PC is the newest PC that I have. It will be the primary miner...

    • I have loaded the latest stable version of Qbundle. And I have downloaded and been using Xplotter. To distinguish between the 2 plotter methods.....I am not using Dynamic Plotting.

    • Then I have 3 other PCs that I would like to have mine Burstcoin. I guess they would be considered secondary miners.

    • I have 3 to 4 hard drives that are plotted and connected to each pc.

    So how do I setup this network of miners to all mine Burstcoin? I would like them all to connect to one Pool and use the 1 wallet that I have created.

    I read somewhere that you can do this with the Proxy setting, but I do not see that setting anywhere in Qbundle.

    Is there a better way to do this? Please be as detailed as possible.

    Thank you,

  • Simplest solution would be to use pool mining - except you have like thousands of TB of local HDD-space (ok .. some hundred TB would be probably sufficient for now - but the difficulty rises .. meaning the total capacity that burst "knows" )

    Second way that comes to mind is to use an online-wallet .. as this makes it easier to relay your mined burst to one wallet

    Sorry was interrupted by lunchbreak

    Third and probably easiest .. Use the numeric account ID from the "qbundle PC" ... and assure that all plotted files are sequential

    PC1 ... 0 to 1000
    PC2 ..1001 to 2000
    PC3 .. 2001 to 3000
    PC4 .. 3001 to 4000
    and so fort