Please don't mine on the CryptoGuru (PoCC) Pools

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    For those of you not following the discussions shit storm on Discord or Reddit, here's a quick summary.

    The CG/PoCC pools have recently been running a "test" where they are utilizing pool miners equipment to multi mine Burst and BHD - another PoC coin. Although this could potentially have been a good thing, there are a number of problems with it:

    • This will become opt-out, it's currently compulsory - if you mine on the PoCC pools, your miners and plots are being used for this. Rico of the PoCC has said it will become opt-out, but with 1,700 miners most of which are not engaged in the Burst community, they won't be aware of the requirement to opt-out. This should be opt-in only.
    • The proceeds of the dual mining are not being paid to miners, so the PoCC pools are co-opting miners equipment but not compensating them for using it. Rico has said the mining proceeds will be used for Burst projects, eg a 150,000 Burst donation to the BMF (Burst Marketing Fund). Note however that this 150,000 Burst at current prices is about US$788. Based on my own experience mining BHD, with the capacity the PoCC control they are in a position to be earning in excess of US$100,000/month. Let that sink in.

    • This dual mining is not for the benefit of the pool miners, instead the scheme has two specific goals:

      i) Prevent PoCC pool miners to effectively mine BHD with their own equipment if they choose to.


    ii) Attack and attempt to destroy another PoC coin.




    In my opinion, what the PoCC is doing has the potential to destroy Burst as a coin - I'm told that there are investors and companies that were interested in Burst walking away because they can not accept the actions of the Developers.

    Other miners that I know have walked away from Burst in disgust, and I'm also considering it. If I do, the Burst services I currently run will remain for those that utilize them.

    If you're not okay with what is being done, join Reddit, join Discord, make you voice heard.

    Just remember, friends don't let friends mine on CryptoGuru pools.



    Update 12/28 Been out of town for a days, so this update was a little late coming. The PoCC are now calling their scheme "opt-in", which to anyone who is not a member of the PoCC or a Rico acolyte is an obvious lie. To "opt-in" you have to download the latest version of Scavenger 1.6.8 and reconfigure it for dual mining, as by default it will not. Opt-in right? Except - you're also "opt'd-in" if you use ANY other miner. Currently of the 6,237 miners registered to the PoCC pools, a grand total of 38 are running the required version of Scavenger to be able to opt-in/out, the other 6,199 are mandatorily "opt'd-in", with the vast majority totally unaware of it.

    None of the opt'd-in miners, voluntarily or not, earn anything for their participation, but for many of those involuntarily miners - they're not even earning anything for Rico. Unless the mining software (Blago specifically) is configured correctly, the miner will submit invalid deadlines to the pool. So the "dual-mining" doubles miners costs, while mining invalid data that earns no-one any money, and just cost the miners in higher running costs.

  • Could we get a list of the affected pools?

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  • @haitch Thanks mate

  • i was about ask if anyone knew why I was minining very old blocks but now it makes sense they are new blocks from a new coin. so to me it looks like the pocc who have put so much effort into developing this coin only have one thing in mind which is using us as monkeys to test out their new POC coin. I believe they should be able to create a new coin if they want but using burst miners to start it without their consent and without repaying them for their mining efforts is outrageous and it should be stopped immediately. I and I'm assuming plenty of others have been mining this new coin for some time and my main concern is my loss of burst earnings due to my miner not being able to complete before a block from this new coin is submitted. And second if I'm mining this other coin I WANT MY EARNINGS I didn't pay hundereds of pounds on hard drives to make POCC rich if I'm minining your new coin I want to keep the earnings if the POCC decides to be honest about all this and apologise and let the miners keep the coins from their mining then maybe I see a future for it. and maybe burst and this new coin can live in harmony and I may even devote some of my capacity to it. but until then goodbye POCC pools. I guess the problem is that "as far as I'm aware" POCC are the ones working on the upates for the wallets so I assume there is nobody to fork us out of this? I think it maybe a good time for someone to step up and update the wallet also I think that we should all leave the POCC pools and I'm sorry to say this but we should probably make it as hard as possible for them to keep operating0_1545634288295_2018-12-24.png

  • @iyburst Sadly this is like the BurstNation all over again. But now we have "someone" in PoCC like Rico who has just become the new Adam!
    Personaly I'm thinking about to shift over to the new coin, since it has alot more value to it and if other Burst miners are thinking the same and they shift: Gratz Rico - you just killed Burst!

    @haitch you shoul masspm this site users so they are aware of what is going on.

    Edit: Just in

  • @zohtar i really hope it has not come to this. I really don't have a problem with the new coin except how the POCC have had us mining them for their profit for days. If they had been honest about the whole thing I would probably of gladly given up half my 40TB to the new coin knowing I was getting awarded for my efforts. just like most of us here I don't mine or invest in burst expecting to get rich quick I just have a lot of faith in the coin and expect it to thrive in coming months/years but then the developer's f off and create a new coin, fine but the way they have stolen our mining resources is beyond a joke. of course I am in this to make money at the end of the day but I have been mining burst since 2016 off and on I have seen the coin come a long way I refuse to believe that this can happen and will fight for burst I have about £200 in burst not counting what I have invested in hdds I will happily lose my investment if necessary but I also have friends who I have advised to invest in burst, do I advise them to pull out now? @Zohtar I would urge you not to pull out yet the more people do the stronger they get which will just devalue the coin we all worked so hard for if we all pull together I believe we can fix this. we were around before POCC and we will be around long after their coin is dead and buried

  • @iyburst ATM I'm just reading up and following it all from day to day. They fucked up at PoCC pretty hard and they have a hard time admitting it!
    With that said I also see the new coins a a threat to Burst. For now I guess we just need to folllow it with high attention.

  • If pool software can set payout amounts by user it can sure have an opt in command that is set as opt out by default to participate in BHD or not.

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    @haitch Original post updated.

  • thx for advice ... shifted over to forum pool instead.

    After reading your posts I was amazed how readily the cryptoguru guys betrayed our trust

  • left cryptoguru pool and started to mine BHD. what seems suspicious to me: there ist only one website in the whole internet dealing with bitcoinHD, and besides that nobody mentioning or talking about it. on the other hand: i was shocked and disappointed in January, because POC-Consortium was mining Bitcoin HD with their pools for their own profit without letting Burst-Miners know, they would not have done that by virtue of a scam coin - so what to think of BHD ?

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    @eulenstein Most of the BHD related discussion is over in Discord (Very active):


    And it's fine to also discuss it here.

    Dual mining guide is also here:

    And you're welcome to mine Burst as well here:

  • @haitch i´m in. thx

  • Anybody like to give my pool a try


  • thanks for the info, moving over to

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