Am I mining..?

  • Hi all,

    I might be late to the party on this coin but hey ho. I'm setting up and think I am part of the Fast Pool pool. Seem's I am getting blocks for my current 1 plotted HDD to sort. I have attached a DOS image here which hopefully gives some info.

    Is everything setup right or do I need to change anything?

    Thank you in advance 0_1546807994897_Capture.PNG

  • @stevejjjjj888 yes, you are mining, but it would appear your plot file and password are mis-matched. Either you have entered your passphrase for your burst wallet incorrectly, or you are using a plot file which does not match your account.

    You also appear to be solo mining, and whilst that can benefit you if you have a few pb of space that you have plotted, it might be worth switching to a pool and getting a share of each block the pool finds. is a reliable pool if you wanted to try mining on a pool, if not, good luck solo and happy BURSTing

  • @bluebook

    Thank you for replying, I'm definitely not wanting to Solo mine at the moment so thought I would try the pool you suggested so have plotted and went to set pool as recipient but get {"errorDescription":"Unknown account","errorCode":5}

    From what I can tell my pass phrase is correct unless my wallet has changed since I plotted my drives I guess? I might re plot the drive after logging into the wallet using the pass phrase I think it should be.

    The only other suggestion I have seen online is that the account isn't recognised as there is no credit ever been in there, does this sound plausible?

    Apologies for what I'm sure are trivial but I'm just getting into the Burst coin scene. I appreciate any help.

    Best wishes,

  • Yep, sounds like it could be zero transactions causing the problem. Try to see if you can claim a small amount of burst, and if you can, set your account name in the wallet. That should hopefully clear up the issue and get you running. If you cant claim from the faucet, drop your wallet address in here and i will see what i can do when i am next at my pc.

  • @stevejjjjj888 You can get 0.1 Burst here:, lovely regards.

  • @bluebook Thank you for this, that seems to have corrected that issue. I'm getting there!

    The only other thing I need to do now apparently from that volplanparty pool page is to download the miner and

    Edit mining.conf: set poolUrl and miningInfoUrl to

    I have downloaded and extracted the .exe but there is no mining.conf file in there, only a config.yaml file with what looks like a load of dummy data in, presumably there's a few lines in there that need changing?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  • @mrwho Thank you MrWho but all sorted 🙂

  • @stevejjjjj888 Scrap that bluebook, have changed a few lines and it seems to be working as I am getting messages like new block height = 555555 scoop = 1900
    round finished,
    new block accepted
    deadline accepted

    above repeats over and over.

    Does this look about right? Appreciate all the support, just need to find some more drives now haha!

  • Looks right to me. I personally use the miner included in the wallet, so it displays slightly different information, but as far as i can tell it seems to be working. If you are on voiplanparty, you can look up your miner on the subscribe tab by entering your BURST address, and it will show you the information on how many deadlines you have submitted in the last 120, and also what your next anticipated payout will be (see the example below) which will confirm that you are mining and submitting deadlines correctly to the pool


  • @bluebook Thank you again for your help. I've found my miner and have some data in line with your example data so all appears to be working! Just formatting a couple of additional drives ready to add to my miners capacity. That should be fun haha! Cheers 🙂

  • @stevejjjjj888 Happy BURSTing and I hope you manage to find a few blocks 🙂