Offline wallet and windows gui app and local wallet vs. > 1 mining node

  • Hello,

    I've been watching the videos and one mentioned that if you go the route of using the all in one client, and setting up a local wallet, then that could only be used for that one mining node. True?

    I assumed so, so I setup a cloud wallet at the official site. I tried getting the gui client so i could plot some drive space, but couldn't see how to get the gui client to log into the online wallet - the load wallet and add wallets didn't work. Sooo...

    1. I plan on having > 1 miner, is the online wallet the only way to go?
    2. If i have an online wallet now, granted, it's empty since i just started, can I use this to get up and running in the near term and later, move to an offline wallet and transfer any balances?