SSD DISKS Beware of the AMPS!

  • SSD's are great storage devices and prices have come down significantly since their first introduction.
    Sure one or two are great for gaming and plotting your disks however .....

    A typical SSD consumes 1 AMP of power and many use the 5 volt rail (less power on this rail in general across Power Supply Units than 12 volt)
    Mechanical drives use at least 50% less ower to run and that rating runs all the way back to 1995.
    If your going to stack 10 SSD disks into a tower or rack beware your going to use at least %50 more amperage than mechanical disk drives all on one voltage rail. In some cases you be best off installing a dedicated power supply just for these SSD's especially if they run on 5 volts to reserve power for USB and other functions.
    Almost all power supplies have printed power ratings but where wattage is shown than amperage the correct amperage can be calculated remember a technical reference to power supplies is never expect 100% power at all times. A 1000 watt PSU will give a maximum safe average of 800 to 850 watts of power without really heating up. This is due to power line conditions.
    There are step down converters to change 12 volts to 5 volts suitable for single and multiple SSD units also power supplies for either 5 volts or 12 volts that can come with up to 60 amps (and typically sold as LED strip power units significantly cheaper than 1200 watt PC PSU's)
    From my own testing, I ran several SSD together the power draw is never constant. It only uses its power rating when its being written to or reading. Hard disks on the other hand have to run at their specified rating all the time.