• am i the only one who thinks that btchd could just be a scam designed to make the devs rich? from what i see the pre-mine comes to 15%. BTCHD is in scarse supply and is very valuable therfore BTCHD devs are most likley very rich by now. the capacity required to mine just one btchd is ridiculous and their wallet is pretty featureless so im not sure where the value comes from. i cant help thinking that this is somthing the chinese have come up with to get rich quick and have probably cashed out by now leaving the coin to die. i really hope that i am wrong but the whole thing just seems ridiculous. perhaps someone who knows better tell me different?

  • they just got a lot of flood victims mining their losses just remember you could be giving them what they already have its a long internet away and even united states is far from me is why i'd love to start a filecoin here. Being central to most countries means everyone gets equal balanced opportunity without a whole super continent to go through.

  • @zapbuzz to be air it dosent really matter where the coin originated my main concern is the value and lack of features. i just find it hard to believe that a coin that is so primitive and has no real benefits over burst can be worth so much. i know that burst has had problems but to me it seems to be undoubtably a far superior coin. to me it seems that the devs haven’t put any effort into rivalling burst. which makes me think the whole thing could just be a big pump and dump. I hope this isn’t the case i wouldn’t want to see our miners being ripped off but i must say i am very dubious. i certainly wont be trusting my measly 45TB to the BTCHD network anytime soon. i don’t have anything against a new POC coin if anything i think it would probably be good for burst to have some competition but BTCHD to me dosent seem to be competition just a con. i hope that i am wrong and would welcome anyone who knows better to put me straight but until i see some genuine value in BTCHD i will steer clear. however i would like to hear other peoples thoughts since i haven’t heard much about it?

  • pump and dump sounds familiar lol