Where can I see incoming burstcoin from poolmining?

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    Maybe I'm just blind ..

    My Burst Wallet tells me I have 207 Burst (roughly) - seems from poolmining - but I dont see the transactions that transferred those burstcoins ..
    Any clue WHERE I can see that ?

    I've searched the standard (qbundle) Wallet up and down - nothing .. not in transactions where I thought it is - nor in assets .. So where do I see my incoming burstcoin from poolmining?

    And while I'm at it ... My balance says 207,xxx ... but "effective balance" is still 0 burstcoin ? WTF ? Can somebody please explain to me?!

  • @eagle275 in https://explore.burst.cryptoguru.org in the tab multiout reverse

  • well .. I'd be busy for 3 days reading all those posts to find my payout - but shouldnt it be a receiving transfer for ME?
    I still cant find it in my wallet - or is that intentional ?

  • @eagle275

    These are special kinds of transactions that can be used by people to send many transactions at once. There is something being worked on for these transaction details to be listed in the wallet, buf rot now, as @Energy said, you can look in the explorer.


  • strange - My browser view is different - I have to click the transaction to see the details - and then another click on "mulitple recipients" to see the actual receivers of a pool payout (in my case 5 were paid) - but the the transaction consisted of 3 payments

    but its good to read that its worked on ...