Blago miner error ''requestProcessingTime : 0, result : Passphrase is for different account''

  • I'm a newbie to mining, so please understand I dont know a lot about it.
    I set up Qbundle, plotted the drive, found a pool, set a reward recipient and was ready to mine, and then I saw this error everytime it found found DL. I left it mine for about 6h and it didnt mine any blocks.
    I looked up the error and it might be caused by my plotfile not being named the same as my account numeric ID, but I didnt know what should I do about that.
    PS. Maybe my miner isnt set up correctly, its CPU miner but the CPU load is 0%-5%. I got the miner from Qbundle ,so I dont know what I could've done wrong.

  • 0_1554052847836_Capture.PNG

    Here's a screenshot of the error while mining.

  • admin

    @romes16 That numeric account, if I'm making it out correctly: 6701509073340053835 is an unknown account. What is your BURST-xxxx-xxxx address ?

  • @haitch Sorry for not responding quickly, it's BURST-2ND5-GDTL-DFWT-6NQT6
    I think I may have somehow put a different numeric account ID, probably cause I didnt really know at that time what to do. Is it possible to just rename it, or should I plot the drive again?

  • @romes16 you have to create the plots again
    your numeric accoynt id 4784745244298072419

  • @energy Ok, I'll try that.

  • I plotted the drive with the correct numeric account and when it found a DL it showed this error.
    I set up the reward recipient on the pools website and it showed up in my Recent Transactions as Reward Recipient Assignment. Should I set it again in Qbundle?

    1. thats a regular .. reward recipient change takes several blocks - depending on the tutorial you follow up to some hours (~10h)

    2. as far as I have read, blago has a little problem with fastblocks .

    3. the other deadlines in your screen look "normal" .. so I wouldnt care too much ...

    4. may I ask what your total plot-size is - whether you are able to really mine blocks is a competition with the other miners, and your total plot--size plays a big role next to some luck
      I'm mining with 23 TB - and managed a single block in some months that I'm part of the "party"

  • @eagle275 That is my total plot size, I had a spare 500gb hard drive and wanted to just try getting something. I found a pool 50-50 so it should be a bit easier for just a small miner like me.

  • @romes16

    I suggest a 0-100 pool up to around 40...50 TB then maybe a 50-50 ...

    the network difficulty is growing