need 0.1 burst coin to start please

  • hello
    my named is Mohammed Mashaly, 31 my age, from Egypt.
    it's first time to me starting mining for coin's and now i use this pool
    but not give to much and also Minimum Payout: 100 burst, i started my miner from 5 days only get this
    Mohammed Mashaly JMXH-AXHL-9THX-75PKQ 5.19326794 0.003 % 0.8109 TB 118 Blago v1.170997_SSE
    that's my roll from miner
    now i need to tray other online miner like this
    so i nedd some burst coin to start from other pool or miner and when i get my burst i'll retained back.
    this is my burst address: BURST-JMXH-AXHL-9THX-75PKQ
    thank u so much