TurboPlotter Nominal Write speeds

  • Hi All, thanks in advance for any help,

    I had a rig set up that was over 100tb and I didnt get off my arse and replot it when the change from POC1 to POC2 occurred. I am now getting super motivated and replotting all my drives with turbo plotter. I have a few questions as to how turbo plotter works. It is set to plot in POC2. I am using linux and ext4.

    Firstly does it plot in an optimised format?

    I am using an old 750ti card from a GPU miner to mine with and plot. I am using a 1tb SSD to stage with. At first I just used default values and it plotted files around 466gb and seemed to be quite fast around 24 hours for 8tb. Then it dropped the file size to 150gb as it had some left over data on the SSD that I had to manually delete. I went into the config file and altered the settings so it would write only one file on the 8tb Lacie drives. This seemed to slow it down significantly. It is writing to the SSD between 25 to 50 mbs per second, which seems to be the bottleneck as the GPU is faster than the SSD as is the final write to the external drive. I thought the SSD would be the fastest write. Is this normal?


  • i gave up on SSD completely and I had to move my GPU on my motherboard to get half decent disk writes but if anything to note about Turboplotter the maximum efficiency of the free version (i don't have the paid one) is acheived with 1 plot disks. I have also found the larger the disk the faster it writes. However, in the back of my mind i am thinking there might be an undocumented free version limitation. Yes Turboplotter makes optimised plots. External disks can be slower than internals if you can plot to internal then move it to external it would be faster in your case. of ext Lacie.

  • thanks for the reply as the plotting has continued on this drive the write speed to the SSD has improved considerably now more like 80mbs and above. I am using the free version but I am considering upgrading so I can plot more drives. I am striving to only have one plot file per disk as that is how they were plotted before. I have 12 drives to plot and the current rate is just too slow

  • hey let us know if it runs better on the paid version like as you would use it in free version. if you go pro 🙂

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