Google drive mining rig. Is it possible?

  • While I tried to mine the burst with 10x500gb HDD, I thought of using google drive. So my plan is to have three computer. One for plotting, which will have GTX660+10x500GB HDD(In raid 0 , of course for "SPEED",)+Q6600+1x120GB SSD(Cache), but no internet connection, cause I need to install this on some quiet places, so I need another computer, which will have E7200 and 160GB HDD with Gigabit connection for uploading the plot file to google drive. Mining will be done at Google Computing Engine, cause they have gigabit connection to their service.(They are same company, and they give 2 Gb/s/core connection for internal connection and also, THEY ARE FREE!). Do you guys think this is possible?

    (This will upload ~2TB plot file every day, so I can grow this rig 60tb more in 1 month!)

  • Also... can someone donate me a TP9000? I can't find the way to raiding the drive in easy way...