How to help stabilize Burst

  • i just wanted to share some of the ways that I and others can help the stability of the Burst market

    1. One method is using faucets to get bitcoin and convert it into burst
      I use:
      very reliable. Most well-known faucet. I would not recommend the gamble "multiplier." The house wins in the long run. Instead, take advantage of the free faucet that garauntee's a payout. I have even won 100 times the normal payout because I rolled the lucky number! This is real!
      pays to faucet box and has cool upgrades. i have earned up to 600 satoshi an hour by doing the daily bonus coin thing and upgrading my satoshi rate
      Doing this puts pressure on buying the coin so the sellers can sell it for higher prices and it helps everybody out.
      Here is one of the many exchanges you can use
    2. Another method is selling products or services on the market using burst as the payment currency.
      I know i saw one member on the forum selling game keys for burst.
    3. Convincing stores to use burst. I know that a lot of people want real world businesses to accept crypto-currency, but a lot of people don't realize that online businesses love crypto-currency more than physical stores. If enough people convinced major or semi-large online stores to accept Burst as payment, the value of the coin would sky-rocket because it would have a practical use!
    4. Make your own business that accepts burst a payment. The only thing better that convincing other businesses to use burst is having your own use it!

    I just thought i would share some of these things with the users who want to do more for the coin but don't have any ideas.

    Just by the way, clicking on the referral link really helps you out just a much as me because on i can automatically give you back what I get for referral so you really get 140% more than you normally would!

  • @ddos The idea behind the NON Profitable Fund of BURST that i've created connected to the Lucky Games Asset has exactly the idea of supporting this coin by start enlarging the network usage, and i'm working in a way of creating another plan to help support the buy of BURST too...

    The idea of the online stores and gambling sites are working with BURST is great because that will rise the capitalization of the coin and there is the opportunity here in the forum to create an ebay-ish store if you think you are capable of anything like this you should post it here in the forum and it's very probably that you can even be funded because you're helping everyone's BURST's to increase by valuing the coin by enlarging the capitalization...