Deadlines question..

  • Is there any way o see a countdown or something for next payment or rewarding?
    i like the feeling of see new burst in my wallet but also hate see no changes at all.
    Maybe i'm just too anxious with all this lol, take a long nap, workout or something xD

  • @lorgiodc21 yeah, most new people expect burst to tick up in their wallets. depending on how much space you have you may get paid at a threshold or if you don't have much space or have an unlucky day you may have to wait 24 hours. most pools offer a graphic on their website where you can watch whats actually happening and other peoples deadlines. if you are really that anxious. just look at the website and use the "find" tool to find your burst id or alias

  • I did it already xD
    well better get my job's earnings to improve mining and be patience.
    Thanks for the reply @ddos happy mining!

  • @lorgiodc21 you too!