Burstforum pool is closed.

  • admin

    After the Burst HF the BurstForum pool is no longer working. Due to time and other issues, I don't have time to deploy a new one, so I'm just going to be closing it down.

    If my situation changes I may re-open it, but for now please move to another pool.

    I recommend FoxyPool: https://burst.foxypool.io/


  • Hey Haitch, are you still actively involved in the Burst community? Or are you still apart of that Burst discord?

  • admin

    @tylerk07 I got banned from the Discord ..... 🙂

    Still run the online wallets and the forums - might bring a pool back when I have more time, but honestly probably not.

    All my time is tied up in chia now.

  • @haitch WHAT!? How and why?
    And you've moved to chia you say. I'm still apart of the Burst reddit and discord, There's been a lot of talk about a future for Burst since the new proof of commitment fork. Whats your take on that? You were always a good voice of reason to listen to for advice haha.

  • admin

    @tylerk07 What and why was I banned? Disagreements over what they were doing.

    PoC+ is an attempt to make a circling the drain coin relevant again. They've borrowed and modified the pledge/mortgage/committment type model from BHD and the like - you know, the "Burst knock-off chinese ponzi scam coin .....".

    Estimated Network size now requires voodoo math. They've also changed the block rewards emission plan, something that supposedly would never happen. "If you want to change the rewards, fork your own coin ....."

    As for Chia, Burst paid my power bill, until it didn't; BHD let me expand my farm, get ROI on the gear and pay my power-bill. Getting in early on Chia? I've quit my job and retired .... don't need to ever work again.

  • Oh wow, so you think the only thing left for Burst is a slow painful death?, also nice work on the early retirement. You were a sort of Dev right?

    And if you think Burst is basically finished why consider a pool in the future or even keep the forums running? It does suck, this forum years ago used to be amazing.