Changing reward assignment on non listed pool All-in-one Wallet

  • This is a small guide on reward assignment with the All-in-One client (wallet) for any Burstcoin pool you want to mine on.


    Open your wallet and click on start mining. You look under "Choose pool" and you don't see where you want to mine. Leave blank for now.


    Ok lets say you want to mine at my site then you copy and paste it in that empty box on the drop down menu "Choose pool". Click Change then you see something like this. EDITED


    Ok here is the tricky part! The address written on the pop up is not a wallet address. So press ok then copy and paste my pools wallet address BURST-JGBV-U7YK-SWHM-4P4QS at Recipient - Burst address of pool . Add your phasphrase in the box above assignment address. Press submit! EDITED


    This what you are suppose to see but if you dont ask someone for help!


    Next open up your local wallet and wait till you have 4 confirms! Normally 0 is also a number so 3 confirms show should work.


    Wow I have a big cell phone lol

    Ok on local wallet then click on start mining. Chose the mining option for your miner. This is what you should see! EDITED


    If everything went well then you are mining! If you want to use a stand alone miner then Go here to download Blago latest miner
    for a gpu miner EDITED

    In order to mine with a stand alone miner you have to prepare the conf file. It should look something like this.

    "Mode" : "pool",

    "Server" : "",
    "Port": 8124,

    "UpdaterAddr" : "",
    "UpdaterPort": "8124",

    "InfoAddr" : "",
    "InfoPort": "8124",

    "EnableProxy": false,
    "ProxyPort": 8126,

    "CacheSize" : 40000,

    "ShowMsg" : false,
    "ShowUpdates" : false,

    "Debug": true,
    "UseHDDWakeUp": true,

    "SendBestOnly": true,
    "TargetDeadline": 4000000,

    "UseFastRcv" : false,
    "SendInterval": 100,
    "UpdateInterval": 950,

    "UseLog" : true,
    "ShowWinner" : false,
    "UseBoost" : false,

    "WinSizeX": 76,
    "WinSizeY": 60

    Save then start the miner! Happy mining!

  • admin

    @tross Without the Port number in the address the Win Client override should actually work... Check it out!

  • @daWallet I thought it should work too. I will try again!

  • @daWallet Ooops you were right. Add only port 8124 is automatically set!

  • @tross This guide was edited !

  • @tross Hey man. I am mining with the stand alone blago wallet and I get the error msg : Passphrase does not match reward recipient, [email protected]:1

    What should I change ?

  • @CoinBuster you need to change reward assignment to the pool you want to mine. Then wait 4 confirms!